Renewable Energy Production


LFG has the potantial of inflammation and explosion due to the content of methane in high concentrations. Besides, it emits bad smell and can dry plants. For this reason, it is necessary to control methane which is also an important greenhouse gas, to be protected from all these effects. LFG gas which spreads through the storage area is collected and converted into heat and electricity energy through cogenerators.


Biogas which has a high methane content is produced in anaerobic digesters by anaerobic digestion of wastes (cattle manure, agricultural waste, poultry manure) resulting from agricultural activities and organic wastes contained in domestic solid waste in our country. This biogas is collected by appropriate methods and converted into heat and electricity.


The pyrolysis method is one of the ELT recovery methods. The products of this method are pyrolytic oil and gas which have high energy potential. Heat and electric energy is produced from pyrolytic oil and gas. This electric energy is evaluated in our country within the scope of Support Mechanism for Renewable Energy Resources (YEKDEM).