Get to Know Us

Era Environmental Technologies Inc.

In the face of environmental problems resulted from developing technology and fast-growing industrialization, Era Environmental Technologies Inc. was established in 1999  with the aim of providing proper solutions to these problems with appropriate technology.

Since then, the company has always paid regard to the environment and human health and aimed to be leader in this field with its investigations, projects and facilities. 

In this context, our company initiated R&D studies in “Medical Waste Sterilization and Alternative Systems,” contacting many international companies and comparing various Technologies in this field.

Due to the conducted R&D studies, avtivities directed to municipalities, seeing alternative processes on-site,  an important background information has been gained.

As a result of these efforts, the company has introduced the autoclave sterilization technology to Turkey after a successful collaboration with the manufacturer of largest autoclave sterilization system all around the World which is active in 24 countries and across the american continent.

ERA acts with the principle to be a part of new and prestigious projects which bring solutions to the environmental problems in Turkey through carrying out productive, efficient and router works using its experience and proficiency.


To offer waste management systems and environmental technologies to the service of humanity through pioneering and innovative projects and to contribute the increase of social welfare by developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.


To become a respected, preferred and an industry-leading company in Turkey and on international platforms through productive, effective and distinguished works, by taking strength from our experience and know-how.


ERA ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES demonstrate also its prestige and its work quality and realibility with the deserved certificates. We continue without compromise on our quality.